Friday, October 22, 2010

Pro Logue

Hi to all in the quest of knowledge...i am about to share my research papers about Afghanistan's complex dynamics.Afghanistan, being a burning hell since the last three decades is a subject of interest since it made USSR to lick the dust.It lost attention till Taliban emerged as the single autonomic faction of Afghanistan in 1996.After the twin tower collapse in 2001 and the events that led to the fall of Taliban and the U.S invasion of Afghanistan made it again the center of interest. It's actually a series of papers,written in the perspective of Russian invasion of Afghanistan in1979, it's impact on Afghan society, The uprising of Jihadi movement an last but not the least appearance of U.s and collation forces on the horizon of Afghanistan..I hope you will find it use full . if not i will try to be more helpful in future by keeping in view your feed back.
Regards to all
Dr.Kashmala Khalid Khan

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  1. Salam,
    I've read both of your previous posts and found them quite informative. Although I am not very good at history but it surely was informative for me and it packed so much information in it that I have to read it for more than one time!!!

    And why did you not post your research papers on the Complex dynamics of Afghanistan yet.
    I would like to read it because it will shed light on the reasons for Afghanistan being a hell of war constantly.

    Uzair Muhammad.